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NanoConcept is as today one of the leading addresses in the growth market of nano technology. We are a modern, dynamic company what concurs in the area of surface refinement with the best researchers and developers of Germany. Headquarter and sales department of the company NanoConcept is located in Hanau, about 20 km eastern of Frankfurt/Main.

Our aim is to define world wide a new standard of surface sealants with our innovative products. New ideas as well as innovative technologies and programs are noticeably for the user due to our high-class daily work. Daily requirements in road traffic, work world and general habitat of our commercial and private clients become uncomplicated, more favorable and timesaving. You will receive not only more protection (e. g. pane sealants, anti fog systems)  but also more leisure (e. g. glass & ceramic sealants) by using  NanoConcept products, since you will save hours of hours of daily cleaning activities.

NanoConcept products are adjusted to respective needs High-End solutions of the chemical nano technology.
Our success is based on the implementation of the wishes of our clients and business partners.  We increase the added value of our clients and herewith enable them a competitive advantage. Our honor is the implementation of high technology standards and rapidity. The foundation of our company is functional competence, inventiveness and flexibility. As today we are one of the first contacts in  respect of nano technology.

Our Team consisting of high qualified staff which thinks and trades dynamically and innovative is able to lead your inspiration to market maturity solutions. We accompany our partners from the idea to the finished product. All solutions will be produced, finished, refined and brought on the market in cooperation with our partner companies. NanoConcept your counterpart, from the first idea to the end solution.

An adequate solution simply for each surface...

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