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NanoConcept Anti-Fog Plastic

The innovative invisible anti-fog & anti-static protection 

NanoConcept plastic anti-fog based on a nano chemical wetting principle what causes that anti-static and anti-fogging components connect and enter a direct connection with the treated surface. Due to the additional anti-static protection film the electrostatic charge will be eliminated directly and therefore the unwanted dust and dirt attraction will be prevented. Therefore this product unifies a highly effective triple combination of efficient cleaner, highly effective anti-fog sealing and reliable anti-static protection in just one product.

Application areas:

  • Motorcycle wind shields, hard helm visors, ski glasses, caravans, campers, tents, cabriolets, boats, airplanes, partitions, panes, tiles, panels, coverings and saveguards of all kind as well as all transparent plastic surfaces etc.


  • A highly efficient anti-fog, anti-static and cleaning agent
  • Prevents fogging of plastic surfaces for weeks even at higher fluctuations in temperature
  • Suitable for the care of all polymethyl methacrylate (acrylic, plexiglass), polycarbonate and polystyrol surfaces as well as soft or flexible PVC and acrylic mix polymerisat glasses
  • Removes residue-free also stubborn contaminations and leaves a streak-free and clean surface
  • Not flammable, solvent free and completely free of methyl alcohol, acetone, carbon tetrachloride, ammoniac and cleaner's solvent, wax and silicone free as well as ph-neutral, further ecofriendly and ozone friendly, biodegradable and not skin-irritant

Our anti-fog plastic is available in the following trading units:

NanoConcept Anti-Fog Plastic 100 ml with spray nozzle
NanoConcept Anti-Fog Plastic 500 ml with atomizer
NanoConcept Anti-Fog Plastic 5000 ml canister

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