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NanoConcept Anti- Graffiti

Permanent graffiti protection on porous mineral surfaces

NanoConcept anti-graffiti a watery solvent of a hydro and oleophobile silane system. It is almost free of volatile organic ingredients and is designed for the anti-graffiti impregnation of absorbent mineral nutrients. Thereby a permanent protection will be generated what is water steam and weather stable. NanoConcept anti-graffiti is an almost VOC free product ready for application.  NanoConcept anti-graffiti must be applied undiluted by spraying it on with HVLP-equipment (HVLP process = low pressure spray process)

As anti-graffiti impregnation for mineral nutrients as for example:

  • Sandstone brickwork (not suitable for sand stone like udelfanger) 
  • Lime sandstone brickwork
  • Clinker brickwork
  • Tiles
  • Polished surfaces as marble and granite


Our anti-graffiti sealing is available in the following sizes:

NanoConcept Anti-Graffiti Sealing offered in 1, 5, 20 and 200 liters trading units

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