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NanoConcept Wood & Stone Sealing 

The innovative invisible sealing

NanoConcept wood  & stone sealing a watery inorganic-organic coating material based on the chemical nano technology. Self organizing anti-adhering components provide the surface with an invisible coat with hydrophobic and oleophobic attributes.  NanoConcept wood & stone sealing is miscellaneous usable for open-pored sucking undergrounds.

  • Prevents wood and stone decompositions
  • Detracts the complete wash primer off mosses and green coatings
  • Cleaning no matter if fat or oil, simply rinse off with water
  • Long term protection of wood and stone undergrounds against water, oil and fat
  • Long reliabilty and protection effect (2 - 3 years)

Protection for:
Stone, wood, teak wood, teracotta,
sand stone, gas concrete, clinker, washed concrete,
tiles, stone slabs, roof tiles, natural stones, marble etc

Our wood & stone sealing is available in the following sizes:

NanoConcept Woodz & Stone Sealing 250 ml with spray nozzle
NanoConcept Wood & Stone Sealing 500 ml with atomizer
NanoConcept Wood & Stone Sealing 5000 ml canister

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