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NanoConcept Plastic Sealing

The innovative invisible Sealing

NanoConcept plastic sealing a temporary alcohol based coating material based on the chemical nano technology, what causes an easy-to-clean effect on plastic surfaces (polyester, PMMA, PC). The whipped on material produces a thin, invisible film on surfaces what reduces the adherence of dirt and impurities, so that water drips off better.

Application areas:

  • Hard helm visors
  • Motorcycle wind shields
  • Handy shells
  • Garden furniture
  • Car fittings
  • Kitchen surfaces
  • Shower cabins made of plastic
  • Window frames
  • etc.

Especially in the area of vehicle, motorcycles and household this sealing is a considerable relief. A high potential on time and cost saving is given due to application of less or none cleaning agents since insects and other contaminations will get no wash primer.

If using NanoConcept plastic sealing we recommend our NanoConcept universal cleaner in advance since you will get a worse or no effect if you do not clean the surface appropriate.

Our plastic sealing is available in the following trading units:

NanoConcept Plastic Sealing 50 ml with spray nozzle
NanoConcept Plastic Sealing 500 ml with atomizer
NanoConcept Plastic Sealing 5000 ml canister

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