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Your Team, all around Nano technology....
The Company NanoConcept offers you a wide spectrum off accomplishments all around Nano sealings. In the last years we successfully realized various product innovations in the markets of our clients. However, for us this is just the beginning. We expect, that in the next ten years each second product will be affected by Nano technology.

This potential we make accessible to our clients. Through steady progression of our products and the profound knowledge of our teams we were successful in producing exceptional and suitable Nano sealings and to place them in different markets. In doing so, we were successful in offering the appropriate solutions for each surface. A special focus in that matter was the refinement of industrial surfaces like facades or glass areas as well as Easy-to-clean and Self-Clean effects for car windows, car lacquers, rims or surfaces made of wood, stone, high-grade steel etc.

Your Nano own brand...

Due to our cooperation and closed teamwork with our partner and bottling company EsidChem  we are able to react explicitly to the wishes of our clients. From the smallest  trading unit up to the  direct  printed Duo Sachet (sealing cloths) all possibilities are given. You will receive all thinkable support as for example production sheets, support during the production of your own label generation etc. so you are able to enter quick and successful the market with your own brand.

We are happy to advice you
- regarding application possibilities of the products
- regarding the specific product selection for your sealing.
- regarding the integration of the sealing technology in your production process

Before processing we do not just consider the to be sealed material surface and products, but also the production process, the processing culture and the application possibilities in your production. This will lead to the best product and application solutions.

Simply for each surface an appropriate solution...

For questions regarding our products and individual application areas we are always at your disposal.

We are glad to hear from you. Your NanoConcept Team

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