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NanoConcept Universal Cleaner

The innovative cleaner

NanoConcept universal cleaner a cleaner free of any solvents. The cleaning effect takes place by micro splitting (micro splitting process) of the dirt particles without the input of enzyme, microorganisms, surfactants and further bleaching agents. Therefore the product is very suitable for the preparation of materials which will be coated afterwards with NanoConcept surface sealing. NanoConcept universal cleaner is universal usable for the manual as well as for the mechanical cleaning.

Application areas:

  • Plastics
  • Textiles out of all materials
  • Stone, tiles, natural stone
  • Hard helm visors
  • Garden furniture
  • Car seats, upholsteries, canopies 
  • Awnings, tents
  • Upholstery furniture
  • Solar collectors, winter gardens
  • Window panes, greenhouses

Due to its soft character the solvent free NanoConcept universal cleaner is excellent suitable for the after cleaning of sealed surfaces. 

Our universal cleaner is available in the following sizes:
NanoConcept Universal Cleaner 50 ml plastic bottle
NanoConcept Universal Cleaner 500 ml plastic bottle
NanoConcept Universal Cleaner 5000 ml canister

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